Let’s face it, weight management can be overwhelming.
As chronic weight gain and issues associated with weight management challenge more and more Americans every day, the need for better and more effective weight loss efforts are being sought and utilized. As obesity medicine experts continue to make breakthroughs every day, the primary focus lies on what modalities lead to real, sustainable weight loss. Weight loss medications, dieting and nutrition, exercise, psychological management, stress reduction, sleep medicine and chronic disease management are the most common areas focused on and, when properly addressed and adhered to, have all shown effectiveness. However, the million-dollar question is: Which is the best?

The answer is: All of them!

Studies have shown time and time again, holistic approaches that focus on multiple modalities allow individuals to experience significant and lasting weight loss. In other words, when multiple interventions are utilized allowing for healthy lifestyle changes to reach weight loss goals, this produces better weight reduction and maintenance. Diet and exercise are important; however, holistically focusing on one’s spiritual, mental and emotional needs also can be crucial for the body’s ability to achieve weight loss. In addition, the inability to lose weight is affected by chronic abnormalities within the body. For example, hormone dysregulation, especially those hormones that allow someone to feel hungry and full are some of the main culprits. Advancements continue to be made with pharmaceuticals that target these hormones and are now some of the most widely sought medications.

Some may look at all these approaches and feel overwhelmed. I, for one, am very prone to feeling overwhelmed, especially when looking at the full plate of endless to-dos (or whatever it may be) in front of me. However, I have found that small, obtainable goals can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and reduce the anxiety of it all. Plus, let us not forget about the emotional and mental health aspect. We tend to neglect ourselves easily and, as humans, we are so task oriented we forget to focus on our emotions, stress, anxieties and happiness. Lastly, it is all about perspective. If you look at each intervention as an extra number in your army in the fight for wellness, then the numbers are in your favor! There is no way you can fail.

It is key to incorporate all these important and occasionally overlooked categories when focusing on weight management and wellness altogether. Our practitioner guided weight loss program encompasses this holistic approach. An individualized and step-by-step approach is taken with each person so that the perfect modalities are chosen specifically for them. When it comes down to it, the best weight loss and wellness intervention(s) for you are the ones that cater to your personal preferences, needs and expectations as a whole person. That is why a holistic program that cares for you each step of the way along your healthy lifestyle journey is so important for your success.

Aesthetically yours,
Emily Lacour, DNP, FNP-BC