I am excited to start this next chapter with YOU!

I am excited to start this next chapter with YOU!

Some people think going to the gym or starting a new diet in January is cliche – but not me. December is a busy month – holiday decorating, hustle and bustle of shopping, end of year celebrations, gathering with family and friends, cooking, baking, more cooking, and not to mention, the numerous end of year tasks, business reviews, evaluations, and closing of books. The list of to-dos goes on and on and sometimes self care, exercise and good eating habits get pushed to the bottom of the list. Seems fitting to me that come January, we hit the ground running (literally)!

We enjoyed every moment and sweet treats that now- is the perfect time to refocus. Grab a fresh day planner and plot out our goals, start that new gym routine, meal planning, or self-care routine. Start turning those self-care to-dos in to ta-das!

This year I am starting a new tradition. During my coaching certification course, one word kept popping up for me – THEME! We focus on our values, missions, and visions but why not simplify it a little further? What is one word or one phrase that holds you to the things that are near and dear? For me, my theme for 2023 is “CONNECT” – and yes, I am typing in all caps. When I say “connect” – it comes out a little stronger, a little bolder, a little louder.


Being present with family & friends – connect

New relations building – connect

Sense of community – connect

Keeping up to date with news and events – connect

Continued education – connect

Sharing ideas & creating something special – connect

Exercise with others! – connect

And scariest of all…. Putting myself out there – connect

So – I challenge you to plan a theme for 2023! No matter what your goals are, what’s the theme that will help you achieve them? Share your theme in the comments below so we can encourage one another and be accountability partners.

Ciao Bella!
E –
Erin Primeaux, Founder & Executive Coach