What Exactly is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss and wellness treatments, which encompass a variety of interventions, are becoming more accessible than ever before, thanks to the recent advent of medical weight loss treatments and injectables. Unlike self-regulated weight loss, more sustainable success is seen with medical weight loss because of the accountability factor. The goal of any weight loss plan is weight loss, but by improving your nutritional and exercise efforts too, you can optimize physical, mental, and emotional wellness to lead a more balanced lifestyle.


The Concept of Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is the best way to take a multi-prong approach to achieve sustainable and successful results. Safe and healthy weight loss is a result of time, patience, and effort alongside a lifestyle intervention program that consists of weight loss injections like Semaglutide, health coaching, and diet and exercise programs.

These programs are safe. They are designed and supervised by our team of health professionals who tailor each treatment program to your individual needs, ensuring safety and efficacy. These programs incorporate evidence-based strategies to promote healthy weight loss and overall well-being. Unlike other programs, medical weight loss is best for those serious about getting healthy and losing weight through an effective weight management plan tailored to your needs.

Medical weight loss also involves medications, like Semaglutide, that help you achieve your ideal weight. On its own, semaglutide is powerful, but when coupled with a professional program like ours, the result is a medical weight loss program.


Strategies and Interventions

A customized approach to medical weight loss ensures that our clients see results. We do medical weight loss at CARE Esthetics differently by tailoring the program to individual needs instead of a cookie-cutter strategy.

Our comprehensive approach to weight loss combines medical treatments with personalized coaching to support you in achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals. Our coaching services start with a thorough health assessment, including lab work, and a one-hour medical evaluation with a medical specialist to focus on your previous weight loss history and current challenges. We also perform a complete body composition analysis and then, armed with your personalized data, create a customized weight loss program that will incorporate one weight loss medication. We will also recommend specific dietary modifications, nutritional recommendations, and an exercise plan.

When weight loss medications are combined with a physician-led and developed diet and exercise program, the success rate is higher, allowing you to reach your goals. Following your initial  assessment and treatment plans, you will meet with our certified health coach monthly (either in person or virtually) to help you track weight loss and reach the best weight for your body.

Keep in mind that every person is different, and results vary. On average, you can begin to see the first signs of results a few weeks after starting the program and significant weight loss over several months.


Keeping the Weight Off

Now that you are on the way to losing weight, you’ll want to keep off what you’ve lost. After losing weight with the help of a weight loss program and GLP-1 agonist, it’s essential to observe healthy dietary habits and a routine exercise program so you don’t lose progress. Many patients who lose weight on these medicines regain it after they go off them, so you must learn the fundamentals of keeping the weight off. Our health coaches will teach you how to eat and exercise. They will also eliminate the fear of depending on medication to maintain your new weight. Monthly coaching sessions will support and empower you to continue building and practicing healthy eating and fitness habits.

Since weight loss works best when tailored to each individual’s body, we highly recommend a fully comprehensive weight loss program like ours so you can finally shed those unwanted pounds.