Who Can Get Botox? Frequent Ask Questions About Neurotoxins

Today, you mention Botox and no one raises an eyebrow.

One of the most popular anti-aging aesthetics treatments that has been used for many years now is the use of injectable neurotoxins. Also known as, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Daxxify, and Juveau, these anti-wrinkle injection therapies are well tolerated and give excellent results to many different individuals to treat several different facial conditions including wrinkle formation and skin texture.

Many clients ask: Who should get neurotoxins? How much do I need? Are there any risks? What results can I expect? We’re here to answer all your FAQs!


The answer is EVERYONE! Botox is generally well tolerated by everyone who gets it. As long as you haven’t had any adverse responses to Botox, no allergy to eggs or albumin, and don’t have any neuromuscular disorders, you can receive neurotoxin injections! These treatments can be modified to perfection whether you are a man, woman, younger or older, and/or if you’re looking for a conservative or substantial treatment. Your aesthetics specialists can individualize your treatment, so you get the best results for you!


Dosing depends upon your face size, muscle strength, wrinkle formation, which areas you wish to have treated and whether you’re looking for a conservative or more substantial treatment. Average FDA approved dosing for treatment of the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet is around 64 units. However, this dosing may increase or decrease depending upon the factors mentioned above.


The risk of side effects is very low. However, there is no such thing as NO RISK with ANY treatments or procedures! Your risk of having heavy eyebrows, a droopy eyelid or other muscle droop are very low; however, everyone’s anatomy is different. This is why finding an experienced injector who is well educated on correct anatomy and techniques to decrease the risk of side effects is essential. As mentioned, even though risks are low, your risk of having one of these issues can be greatly decreased with a well-educated and safe injector! Also, the great thing about neurotoxins is that any muscle weakness that was not intended will improve once the neurotoxin has metabolized out of your system in a few months!


With your neurotoxin treatments you can expect a smoother forehead, less wrinkles and fine lines and less intense facial movements that cause wrinkle formation. When placed correctly, you will experience very natural, yet effective results that will prevent further wrinkle production over time and will allow for smoothing of more superficial lines and texture. You may also experience a little brow lift, less jaw pain, migraine relief, or lip plumpness, if these particular areas are of focus. Neurotoxins are an all-time favorite of our practitioners! It gives clients excellent results and confidence that they never knew they could have. Our only warning is… once you start, you may never want to stop!