Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, commonly known as injectable fillers, rank as the most sought-after treatments for restoring youthfulness to the face while enhancing facial volume. With just a few quick injections, dermal fillers can magically reinflate limp lips, restore definition to the cheekbones, and effectively reverse the signs of facial aging. Skillfully injecting dermal fillers can revitalize the face for more definition and a natural-looking contour. Whether fine lines, wrinkles, or loss of volume are areas of concern, dermal fillers offer a swift and effective solution for correction. In addition to offering traditional dermal fillers, our No Stick Lip Plump and Luxe Lip Treatment are other great ways to improve the overall look of the lips!

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers consist of several different FDA-approved injectable products that rejuvenate, volumize, and redefine the face to help combat the common signs of aging associated with volume loss. Not all dermal fillers are the same. Some consist of hyaluronic acid, known to attract water to plump up flat features for immediate results, and others, like biostimulatory collagen stimulators, prompt the body to create new collagen over time for added fullness.

The most widely used fillers are hyaluronic acid-based, appreciated for their temporary nature, minimal side effects, and noticeable outcomes. These fillers effectively address lines and wrinkles, and add volume to aging facial features, particularly popular for their ability to restore natural fullness to the face.

The primary advantage of dermal fillers is their ability to restore volume and fullness to areas of the face affected by the depletion of deep fat associated with aging. As fat diminishes, the face may appear sunken or hollow. Dermal fillers play a pivotal role in reinstating a natural fullness, which is why they are well known for their anti-aging and contouring capabilities. Some of the more common areas to treat with dermal fillers include the lips, lines and wrinkles, cheekbones, and under the eyes. Each filler has unique nuances, contributing to facial volume restoration and wrinkle improvement.

At CARE Esthetics, we currently offer the Juvederm collection of dermal fillers.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers rely on specific substances injected into targeted areas of the face to address the common signs of aging while restoring volume and enhancing facial contours. The most common dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid, but calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-L-lactic acid are components in fillers that stimulate collagen production. Each filler has its own unique properties and mechanisms of action. In general, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers work by attracting and binding to water molecules, providing immediate volume and hydration to the treated area.

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers consist of synthetic gels. They improve lines, wrinkles, and folds, adding volume to the temples, cheeks, chin, and lips and enhancing the jawline. Hyaluronic acid fillers provide immediate results, with noticeable volume, smoothness, and contouring improvements. You can see the effects right after the treatment. The duration of results varies depending on the type of filler used. Some fillers offer temporary results that last several months, while others provide longer-lasting effects. Maintenance treatments may be recommended to sustain the desired outcome.

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The Treatment Areas

Dermal fillers work to improve several different areas of the face, with the most common injection sites being:

The No Stick Lip Plump Treatment

If you want to plump your lips without filler, consider the No Stick Lip Plump, which relies on radio frequency energy for an all-natural, fuller-looking lip.

This non-surgical procedure enhances the fullness and shape of your lips via innovative technology to achieve natural-looking lip enhancement without needles or discomfort. To reach ideal lip plumpness, we recommend six treatments every two to three weeks, depending on your desired outcome. This 30-minute treatment, which starts with a complete face analysis, effectively enhances lip volume and shape so they appear plumper without relying on needles or injections, making this a far more comfortable option. With each treatment, the fullness and shape of the lips are subtly and comfortably enhanced. Although you may see a difference immediately, the full results are most noticeable after the entire treatment.

The No Stick Lip Plump treatments provide natural-looking results with minimal downtime so that you can quickly return to your daily activities. We recommend our popular No Stick Lip Plump for anyone who wants to feel more confident about their lips while avoiding any risk of complications. Since the cost of the No Stick Lip Plump varies, schedule a consultation for a customized quote.

The Luxe Lip Treatment

For a unique way to improve the look of your lips, discover our Luxe Lips Difference treatment. This comprehensive structure evaluation assesses facial harmony for the most balanced-looking lips that fit your face perfectly. During the treatment, our skilled injectors first meticulously assess your facial features, then apply the golden ratio and principles of natural beauty to perfect your lips.

Luxe Lip Treatment harnesses cutting-edge safety measures and utilizes a precise and methodical combination of ultrasound technology and facial mapping to achieve the best results. Then, our injectors sculpt the ideal pop using filler, neuromodulators, and laser therapy, depending on which modality you will benefit best from. Of course, we prioritize client safety at the highest level. We recommend scheduling a consultation for pricing. This highly individualized holistic approach to lip enhancement will help you achieve stunning, glamorous results, boost your confidence, and leave you with a flawlessly refined pout.

How Much Does Dermal Filler Cost?

The cost of dermal filler can vary among providers. The price of your dermal filler treatment is often determined based on the type of filler used, the injection areas targeted, and the quantity of filler injected.

Schedule a consultation for an accurate estimate of dermal filler specific to your needs. We can also create a customized program to address your skin concerns.

Common FAQs


The results from hyaluronic acid dermal fillers vary depending on the type of filler used, the treatment area, the amount of existing volume loss, and individual metabolism. Generally, the results can last from six months to over a year, if not longer. However, regular maintenance treatments may be recommended to sustain the results.

Dermal fillers are considered safe when administered by qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the body, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. However, as with any medical procedure, there may be potential side effects or risks, which you should discuss during your consultation.

The key to natural results lies in the hands of your injector and their technique. At CARE Esthetics, our highly-skilled expert injectors first assess the face as a whole to determine the best way to address your concerns while retaining a natural look. We also ensure precise and proportional results that will have you still looking like yourself, but just better. 


The gel-like consistency of hyaluronic acid allows for smooth integration into the tissues, enhancing volume and softening wrinkles without an “overfilled” appearance. And in the event that you are not happy with the results, hyaluronic acid fillers can easily be dissolved.

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments typically involve no downtime. You can usually resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Some individuals may experience mild swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site, but these effects are temporary and generally resolve within a few days.

Discover our exclusive Luxe Lips Treatment with a comprehensive facial harmony and structure evaluation. Our skilled injectors meticulously assess your facial features, applying the golden ratio and principles of natural beauty to perfect the shape and proportions of your lips. Utilizing ultrasound technology and facial mapping, we prioritize client safety at the highest level. Our skilled professionals sculpt the ideal ‘pop’ using filler, neuromodulators, and laser therapy to achieve stunning and glamorous-looking lips that boost your confidence and leave you with a flawlessly refined pout.

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Download our exclusive CARE Esthetics New Orleans Services and Pricing Guide and learn more about our incredible services and their cost.