Men's Health

Aesthetic and wellness treatments aren’t limited just to females and it’s just as important for men to address their concerns and seek out the proper treatments as it is for women. If you are one of these men looking to counteract the aging process, look no further. At CARE, we have specific wellness treatment protocols to improve your health journey in areas such as regrowing lost hair, increasing energy levels, and improving libido. Just like women, men deserve to look and feel their best no matter their age and stage of life. Start your Men’s Health journey today!

Common Men's Health and Wellness Concerns

As men experience the natural aging process, they tend to notice a handful of changes that, often, get little to no attention during annual physical or medical screenings. That’s when CARE comes into play with proactive and effective solutions to address the aging process. Some of the more common men’s health concerns that we face in this phase of life include the following:

Male Pattern Baldness & Hair Loss
As early as the late teens or 20s, men can experience hair changes. While most men will see visible changes by around 50, like thinning, a receding hairline, or baldness, hair loss in men at any age can be a debilitating change to experience, leaving many men wanting to restore what they have lost. Multiple stages of hair loss affect men and these progress over time. Initial changes in your hair are thinning on the crown and temples, which slowly transpires into a more noticeable receding hairline that slowly moves back on the scalp, taking the form of a U-shaped hairline.

While hair changes in thickness, density, and amount of hair can affect all men, male pattern baldness tends to affect men differently based on their genetics and even ethnicity. Also, those with a family history of hair-related changes or baldness are more likely to experience it themselves. 

Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Health Changes
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is another common condition amongst men due to hormonal changes caused by natural aging. If left unaddressed, ED can be detrimental to a man’s overall well-being and self-esteem. In the case of ED, reaching or maintaining an erection through sexual intercourse becomes challenging and often affects a man’s self-confidence or self-esteem. Usually, conditions that affect blood flow, the circulatory or nervous system, and even the endocrine system cause ED.

Besides ED, other sexual wellness issues that may affect men include a lack of sexual desire (low libido), premature ejaculation, and delayed or inhibited ejaculation. Usually, age-related changes are the cause of issues and concerns related to male sexual wellness, but mental and physical health can also play a role.

Low Testosterone
Decreasing levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is a normal effect of aging, can affect sex drive (low libido), muscle mass, mood, and bone strength. This often slow drop in testosterone levels is known as male menopause or andropause, and it affects some men more than others. Low testosterone levels can, in some men, lead to visible changes that can include smaller testicles, erectile dysfunction, increased breast tissue, a decrease in muscle size and hair thinning, and a loss of hair on the head and elsewhere on the body. Difficulty sleeping, fatigue, weight gain, and osteoporosis are also related to low testosterone levels..

What is a Men's Health Program?

Plenty of men want to retain their youthful vigor as they enter the different stages of life and age, and that’s where a men’s health program comes into play. To improve energy levels while decreasing some of the more physical age-related effects, like changes to their hair and skin, our treatment protocols can help you feel good about your appearance and well-being head to toe.

We tailor our men’s health and wellness programs to your specific needs. No matter your age, just about every adult male can benefit from one of our many male-centric medical or aesthetic treatments.

The Treatments

To best address the needs of our male patients, we proudly offer the best services, which include treatments and protocols that address hormonal changes, longevity, sexual wellness, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss.

Men's Hormone Therapy for Low Testosterone

Men can experience a drastic change or decrease in their hormone levels, particularly testosterone, with age. Low testosterone can affect strength, energy levels, stamina, and sexual function. Targeted treatments for addressing hormone changes include hormone replacement therapy through injectables and roll-on products.

A tried-and-true way to mitigate the effects of low testosterone in men is through hormone therapy. Men who see and feel the impact of testosterone-related changes often make for suitable candidates for the treatment. Since every man is different, we recommend a consultation with a member of the CARE Esthetics team to analyze your current situation to determine if now is the right time to start hormone therapy. Men in their 50s, 60s, and 70s often see improvement in their symptoms from hormone therapy treatments, but men of all ages who are experiencing symptoms appreciate the treatment.

 Hormone therapy for low testosterone is a generally safe treatment that many men rely on to improve their symptoms. Hormone therapy may be right for you if:

  • You display low levels of testosterone via testing
  • Low testosterone levels are accompanied by the common symptoms of low testosterone
  • You are within the average age range when testosterone changes become evident

However, like all elective treatments and therapies, there are some risks to be aware of, which can include sleep apnea, acne or other skin reactions, enlarged breasts, limited sperm production, and excess red blood cell production. While undergoing hormone therapy, it is essential to stay up to date with regular monitoring and report any changes you may experience.

ED medication and Hormone Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Wellness

To treat ED and sexual wellness in men, we offer ED medication and hormone therapy. Hormone therapy introduces naturally derived supplemental hormones via injectables and roll-on products into the body to provide a solution for sexual health problems, particularly difficulties in having and maintaining an erection. Implementing a hormone therapy protocol delivers a steady stream of hormones that your body needs to improve the symptoms and effects of ED. For the therapy to be successful, the underlying cause of ED must be identified first through various lab tests and a complete medical history review. This way, the proper dose can be recommended to help improve sexual function.

Hormone therapy can effectively restore balance to your hormone levels, specifically testosterone, to improve your sex drive and reduce other sexual-related symptoms. Men notice long-lasting results with minimal side effects.

If a hormonal imbalance is the cause of ED, we can suggest a customized hormonal therapy treatment plan. In treating male patients with ED and other sexual health and wellness conditions and concerns, we will also recommend a lifestyle modification plan consisting of diet, exercise, and stress reducers to help further improve your condition.

PRF and Exosomes for Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness

At CARE Esthetics, we treat male hair loss and male pattern baldness with our laser therapy hair restoration treatment. The treatment consists of the Fotona non-ablative laser therapy to stimulate the hair follicles and promote the production of growth factors in the skin, followed by  PRF injections and exosome treatments, all in one treatment setting. Topical and oral medications and supplements for daily at-home use are also part of the program, which help enhance the regenerative effects of PRF and further promote hair growth, density, and thickness. The treatments (which can be performed together or alone) help increase natural hair growth for fuller-looking hair for the best non-surgical hair restoration treatment available.

Fotona’s non-ablative laser triggers dormant hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Relying on heat to stimulate these follicles, the laser also helps to produce new growth factors within the skin. The treatment improves blood flow to the scap by stimulating the development of new blood vessels for improved hair growth and stronger hair. 

A unique factor with the Fotona laser for hair regrowth is that we can adjust the temperature for your comfort while ensuring optimal results. The laser portion of the hair loss protocol treatment gently yet effectively heats the skin on the scalp to prompt the production of growth factors. Additional benefits of the laser include preventing further hair loss and thinning while increasing the thickness and density of the hair with no downtime. 

PRF is a natural substance in the blood rich in platelets, growth factors, and cytokines. Blood is drawn from your arm and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, growth factors, and cytokines from the other components. The resulting PRF solution, rich in platelets and growth factors, is injected directly into the scalp at the targeted areas experiencing hair loss to awaken dormant hair follicles. Treating the scalp with PRF helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles and promotes the growth of thicker, healthier hair. 

Following PRF, exosomes, tiny vesicles secreted by cells containing growth factors, proteins, and other signaling molecules, are applied to the scalp topically. They enhance the regenerative effects of PRF further to stimulate the proper functionality of the hair growth cycle, therefore helping to improve overall hair density and thickness. This minimally invasive procedure is downtime- and recovery-free and is a natural and holistic way to treat hair loss by stimulating hair growth and increasing hair density. Exosomes also aid in developing new blood vessels and increase and improve blood circulation so that essential nutrients and oxygen are correctly delivered and utilized for hair growth. 

When combined with PRF, exosomes can enhance the regenerative effects of PRF, further promoting hair growth and improving overall hair density and thickness.

What is the Cost of a Male Treatment Program?

Male wellness and anti-aging treatment program costs vary from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more. The details of the treatments recommended, the number of sessions, and the number of overall treatments you’ll need to obtain your goals will influence the overall cost.

To determine the cost of your treatment, call our office to schedule a consultation. We will then create a custom program to correct your current concerns.

Common FAQs


Everyone is different, and while some men may benefit from HRT treatments at an earlier age, others may not need it until much later on in life. Most men don’t notice the effects of decreased hormone levels until their 40s. Around age 45, about one-third of American men are clinically diagnosed with low testosterone, although low testosterone levels can occur at a much earlier age, too. While it’s best to schedule a consultation to assess your current hormone levels, typically, hormone therapy patients are in their mid-40s and older.

Testosterone therapy is safe, but as with all elective medical treatments, it’s essential to make sure that you qualify as a candidate before undergoing any treatment. The majority of our clients respond very well to testosterone therapy and find the benefits of the treatment to be worth it. Still, there are some side effects to be aware of, including acne breakouts, breast area tenderness or swelling, sleeping issues, hair loss, and a potential, although rare, uptick of high red blood cells that could cause clotting. 

It’s important to know that a health and wellness treatment plan is an ongoing commitment to your health, which is why we will develop a specialized program that fits your needs. While you may notice improvement in your body and fewer symptoms quickly (some men notice changes within the first few days), following through with the complete protocol is critical to reap the full benefits.